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      2. About Us
        Handan Huajun Chemicals Co.,Ltd. is a professional Instructive Technique Support company which main engage in research ,develop of fine chemical.
        At Present, we main focus on research and sales of Pharmaceutical Intermediate, HPLC Chromatographic Reagents, Biological reagent and so on. we can offer different kinds of technology and service for you! In order to step up efforts to innovation and development,we established Handan Deshang biotechnology Co.,Ltd in Handan innovative and high technology Science &Technologic Industry Park.At the same time,We also establishes the long term co-operation relationship with Hebei University of Technology, Nankai University, Zhejiang University....<more>


        Advantage and specialty

        We have perfect R & D, production, operation and management system to meet the diversified needs of customers;

        Talent: Huajun has a perfect talent structure and echelon, which can provide customers with all aspects of efficient and high-quality services in R & D, production, trade, management and service;

        In terms of Technology: Huajun has both close and loose R & D teams. Their capabilities and characteristics .....<More>


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